[Podcast] Protestant Disruption – Send wood, send wheat

by bold-lichterman

In the previous episode, we followed an entrepreneur from Rennes in his race for financing.

Contrary to the impression that big fundraising announcements can give all the time, fundraising is far from the rule for a startup. And above all, it is far from easy.

This week, we are reflecting on this thorny subject. The goal is to understand how digital entrepreneurship is indeed easier to access, but also to understand what is hidden behind the wheat collected by the lucky ones.

To help us see more clearly, we will meet Karim Essemiani, founder of the local crowdfunding platform GwenneG and Andrew Paterson, co-founder of Birdseye, a tool for freelancers. They will show us that there are other ways of doing things.

And since the interviews with Karim and Andrew were too exciting for me to keep unreleased clips for myself, I have prepared two “bonus” episodes for you.

The first with Karim Essemiani, an accessible and complete explanation of crowdfunding, its modalities and GwenneG’s actions

The second with Andrew Paterson, a reflection on values, quality of life at work, teams split all over the world and the launch of Birdseye.

In the next episode, we’ll talk about values ​​and #TechForGood!

The notes of the episode with links to go further are to be found on disruption-protestante.fr

You can follow the news of the series on twitter: @disruptionpr

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1605286504 948 Protestant Disruption Episode 8 Fifty Shades of FailurePassionate about new uses of sound (narrative audio, 3D sound) and augmented reality, Antoine worked for 4 years on digital cultural projects for major French and North American institutions. He develops new sound experiences in various fields. Disruption Protestante is his first intrusion into the world of podcasting which allows him to offer a different and general public vision of new technologies in an American-style format still little heard in our regions …