[PODCAST] Jacques Antoine Granjon de Veepee: adventure, hypergrowth, brands and instinct

by bold-lichterman

Like you, I knew Jacques-Antoine Granjon for his passion for art, his long hair, his bagouses, and of course Private sell. I contacted him directly, he replied “yes” within 5 minutes, at 11 o’clock in the evening when we had never spoken. And I realized that I didn’t know Jacques-Antoine Granjon for what made him the man he is today. His childhood between Marseille, Africa and then Paris, his rebellious adolescence, his beginnings as a “discount store” in the trail, etc.

And all the way since:

How he transformed a business from “blows” into a lasting one.

How he went from a company which multiplied the structures and achieved a “small” 30 million euros in turnover to a solid business with a turnover of 4 billion euros by buying competitors who copied – with success – his model around the world.

How he recovered from a failure of 40 million euros in the United States.

How the brands but especially his own have evolved in 20 years.

We covered everything. Nathalie, the dircom of Veepee had given me 1h15 max, I was entitled to a 2-hour river interview, I could have done 8. I liked this interview without filters, frank and direct, with an entrepreneur, a real one, and also a merchant who works very much on instinct.

I hope you like it as much as I do, and that you will share it around you 🙂

We quote the episode: # 80 Jacky Chang – ParisFashionShops – from China to Paris, from the trail to the startup

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