[PODCAST] Fred Potter from Netatmo: learn to program at 13 and become one of the pillars of connected objects

by bold-lichterman

There are people who sell a box, some at mind-blowing amounts that change their lives. I’ve received a few on this podcast, all of them very impressive.

There are people who sell two boxes, at amounts that are still amazing, and then we say to ourselves that it has nothing to do with luck.

And there is Fred Potter. He sold three boxes, under very different conditions.

There we say to ourselves that it is a real talent, even a science when we listen to it!

I am delighted to offer you a unique moment with Fred potter, one of the biggest names in the field of connected objects in France (and in the world, let’s say it outright).

He began his career by falling into IT at 13, at a time when Windows did not exist. He then progresses quietly until he is 24 years old, and he obtains his doctorate in microelectronics (!).

“I was financing my thesis with PC trading. I was going to buy the parts, put them together and sell them. ”

He then followed up with many entrepreneurial experiences, including:

  • Cirpac: first box set up in 1999, at the age of 28, with his partner Jean-Pierre Dumolard and which he sold 3 years later for 82 million to Thomson. Its products (telephone exchanges) will be sold in 35 countries around the world.

“We wrote a check for 50 cents to buy back 50% of the capital of our company. I advise you never to do that, the administration considers that you did not take any risks. ”

  • Withings : he began to specialize in connected objects by launching, with his partner Eric Careel, several products, the best known today: the connected personal scale with enormous success with athletes. An adventure that he left after 3 years.

“I sold software wrapped in hardware because it’s easier to sell. It’s easier to sell a connected mug for € 9 than to sell an app for the same price. ”

  • Netatmo: After connected objects, it is launching on a larger scale with this box specializing in connected homes. The first product he launched in August 2012 is the connected weather station. 8 years and 3 fundraisers later, it’s Great who buys the box.

“It’s quite complicated to create products that don’t set people on fire, and especially to do it on a large scale with the same quality. In connected objects, you cannot be satisfied with 99%. ”

In addition to these incredible experiences, Fred also tells me about his little experience in the “connected cigarette” with Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi (listen to the episode, it’s great!)

“I tried to convince them not to do it, they weren’t convinced, so I paid to see.”

The contributor:

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