Plizy launches a new version with offline and Airplay functions

by bold-lichterman

Created a few months ago by Jonathan Benassaya (co-founder of Deezer), Plizy defines itself as a video curation startup.

A iPad app at the crossroads between Flipboard and Pandora which allows you to discover, share and view videos online. The base of the service is made up of videos that your friends share via Facebook or Twitter, those that “buzz” on Plizy – the social graph – as well as access to more than 400 mainly American sources classified into fifteen categories.

Plizy launches a new version with offline and Airplay functionsThe new version 1.2 which has just been released goes much further by proposing to:

  • Download videos for offline viewing. Version limited to 20 mns in Freemium. Auto-download and unlimited Premium downloads for $ 1.99 / month
  • Connect Plizy with your Apple TV in Airplay
  • Bookmark videos for later reading

Plizy’s technology is based on a dedicated recommendation algorithm. Ultimately, the platform will be available on all devices (iPad, PC, Mac, etc.) with the objective of creating a real ecosystem. The start-up has already raised $ 1.2 million in the first half of 2011.