Planisware, the project management software that conquered the United States

by bold-lichterman

Created in 1996 by Pierre Demonsant, Planisware markets project management software. They are intended for R&D teams of more than 300 people. Among its clients, the company counts large companies such as Airbus, Areva and RATP. The company recorded sales of 55 million euros in 2016. More than half of this amount, or 26 million euros, is made in the United States.

From its inception, Planisware went international and arrived on the American continent. “The US market is the world’s largest software market […] we can’t miss this market», Explains Pierre Demonsant, founder of Planisware. Nevertheless, the CEO of the company specifies that “we may have been there a little too early because our product was not really ready at the time“.

After having conquered the American market, Planisware envisages strong development in the Asian market, particularly in Japan and China. One of the main objectives within 4 years is to double the turnover.

Founder: Pierre Demonsant

Creation date : 1996

Seat : Chatillon

Activity: project management software

Workforce: 250 including 100 in France and 80 in the United States