Pixel, Home, Daydream View…: the main announcements of Google’s keynote

by bold-lichterman

  • Google notably introduced the new Pixel smartphone, the Home voice assistant for the home and the Daydream View virtual reality headset.
  • The Mountai View firm has not unveiled its new Andromeda operating system.
  • Alphabet reported sales of $ 74.9 billion last year, including $ 74.5 billion from Google products.

Google unveiled on October 4 a series of new products on the occasion of its keynote. The Mountain View firm notably presented a new high-end smartphone, a virtual reality headset, a voice assistant for the home and a WiFi router. In 2015, Alphabet reported sales of $ 74.9 billion, of which $ 74.5 was from Google products.

The new Pixel smartphone

PixelUnveiled before the keynote by some distributors, the Google Pixel was officially announced by the Mountain View firm. Priced from $ 649, the new phone designed by Google is intended to take over from the Nexus line. The smartphone features Nougat, the new version of Android, and will offer unlimited online image storage. In addition, the device features Google Assistant by default, launched in September on the Google Allo messaging app.

Marketed in two formats, classic or XL like the Apple iPhone 7, the Google Pixel is already available for pre-order in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia. However, Google has not yet given a release date for France.

Google Home, the voice-activated home assistant

HomeUnveiled last May by the Mountain View firm, Google Home was introduced during the keynote. This connected box will be entirely controlled from the voice of its users. They can use it to stream music, send messages or even ask Google questions. Like the Pixel smartphone, Google’s connected home device will be equipped with Google Assistant. Available in the US for pre-order for $ 129, Google Home will compete with Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker.

Daydream View, the new virtual reality headset

Daydream ViewAlong with the Pixel phone and the Home voice assistant, Google also unveiled the Daydream View, its new virtual reality headset. The latter will not be autonomous since it will be necessary to add the new Google Pixel to it to make it work. Designed largely in textile to make it “30% lighter than similar devicesAccording to the Alphabet subsidiary, the Daydream View will be sold from November in the same countries as the Google Pixel (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia) for 79 dollars.

An improved Chromecast and a Wi-Fi router presented

Google has presented an improved version of Chromecast, a box that lets you stream music and videos to TV, just like Apple TV offers. Sold for 69 dollars from November, this small box is now upgraded to the “ultra” model to support 4K images.

In addition, the Mountain View firm unveiled Google Wifi, a new Wi-Fi router for the home.

If all of these announcements had already been anticipated for several months, a surprise nonetheless remains. And for good reason, Google has not unveiled its new Andromeda operating system. The latter, the result of the merger between Android and Chrome OS, was scheduled to be marketed next year. The subsidiary of Alphabet has finally chosen to keep the mystery around its operating system a little more.

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