[Pitch’ Express] Snapp ‘: loyalty cards on mobile

by bold-lichterman

Snappis a Bordeaux company specializing in the development of multi-platform mobile applications. After two fundraisers carried out in 2010, Snapp ‘oriented its positioning towards the dematerialization of loyalty programs on mobile.

Snapp ‘has designed two offers, the first in BtoC. The application FidMe is a free application that allows you to save your loyalty cards on mobile. FidMe has 1M active users, in 25 countries, and with vocation to become a premium offer.

Snapp ‘is also developing a BtoB offer in editor mode this time: Snapp ‘Fid, a white label application that dematerializes loyalty cards, sold to brands such as Monoprix, Virgin Megastore or Cdiscount. The application is installed on all OS.

Snapp ‘, created in 2005, made 850k € in 2010, and achieved 100% growth last year. The company has 22 employees.

Interview with Laurent Bourgitteau-Guiard, Managing Director of Snapp ‘.