Pierre Gattaz invests in the startup EBlink, specialized in mobile networks

by bold-lichterman

Radiall, the company which manufactures connectors for various industries, chaired by Pierre Gattaz, has just invested 1.5 million euros in EBlink, a startup specializing in mobile networks. The French start-up has already raised 5.8 million euros, in particular from Alcatel Lucent, which had bet 3 million euros this summer.

EBlink was created in 2005 by Alain Rolland, and has developed and patented a wireless link technology for mobile network architectures. Called “wireless fronthaul”, the innovation is considered a real breakthrough for the mobile industry, since it allows a connection between antennas and ground stations in dematerialized mode. A solution that could prove useful to operators to save operating costs, in full deployment of the 3G network, 4G and future very high speed networks.

EBlink worked with Orange in France. But the startup is also established in the United States, where it carried out tests with an operator in Kansas, and with T-Mobile in Seattle.

EBlink had 25 people in 2012, for a known turnover of less than 300,000 euros over this period (Source: Societe.com).