Philippe Gabilliet (ESCP): “The Chief Happiness Officer is an intellectual scam”

by bold-lichterman

Do Richard Branson and Jack Ma have something in common? Yes, they are optimistic entrepreneurs! At least that is the opinion of Philippe Gabilliet, professor of psychology and management at ESCP Europe, a recognized expert in optimism, luck and daring. These are also three qualities inherent in the success of an entrepreneur.

However, contrary to popular belief, optimism goes hand in hand with pessimism. “Optimism allows you to identify opportunities and move forward, while pessimism allows you to be on your guard, to protect yourself and to find alternatives.», Explained Philippe Gabilliet on the occasion of TEDxESCP which was held at ESCP Europe, in Paris, at the end of November.

But are optimistic entrepreneurs happy people? Difficult to answer, but most companies try to interfere in the happiness at work of their employees by creating a position that makes the headlines: the Chief Happiness Officer. Trump or scam? Philippe Gabilliet has already decided …