Personal Cloud: Frenchman Lima raises $ 2.5 million from Partech

by bold-lichterman

Lima is a French start-up founded by Séverin Marcombes and Gawen Arab-Laffon following a study project. It is developing a cloud storage solution where the server is located at home, using a USB key. The company has just completed a funding round of $ 2.5 million with Partech Ventures. More details with Séverin Marcombes.

FrenchWeb: After launching on Kickstarter in July 2013, you announced a fundraising of 2.5 million dollars from Partech Ventures. How did the operation go and how will you use the funds? What is the new composition of the capital, in particular the share of the founders?

Gawen SeverinSéverin Marcombes (co-founder of Lima): We have been contacted by several American and European funds during our Kickstarter campaign. We immediately hooked up with Partech, which shares both our vision and our ambition. The fact that Partech’s presence in San Francisco and Paris also anchors us strongly in these two important markets for Lima.

With their support, we will be able to put more resources into the development of our product and prepare for the global marketing of Lima.

You present yourself as a “Dropbox-killer”. How do you face the competition from Dropbox, Box or OVH’s cloud offers… which opt for 100% dematerialized storage? What are your goals in terms of number of customers, turnover and how soon?

It’s clearly a market that is moving a lot at the moment, and we are passionate about it. The need of users is clearly salient. Our frustration today is that a user who has a computer, a tablet and a smartphone already has three different spaces in which to store their content. And despite their innovations, cloud or storage solutions coming out today only add more space to store user data. This makes handling files extremely complex for everyone to manage.

With Lima, we provide a different solution. We believe that even if they have three devices, a user should only have one content. So we decided to offer a solution to consolidate your data, by reinventing the way your devices store your files.

Lima technology allows you to take any computer, tablet or smartphone, of any size or brand, and always find the same files there, no matter where they are. were registered initially. This solution is immediate, works with all the main OS on the market and is above all accessible to all.

Our role is to adapt the technology to the reality of the market, and to offer a pragmatic solution to users who are forced to copy and paste their files from one device to another or to and from the Cloud all day long. . It is also for this reason that the Lima box allows data to be stored at home rather than on the Internet: in practice, this makes the unification and consolidation of data much faster and more comfortable for the user. In addition, some people appreciate being able to regain control over their data by keeping it at home.

What are the main challenges and characteristics of the data storage market? Can the “home-server” market grow on a significant scale or is it doomed to be a niche market?

Today, storage space is a raw material. The main challenge ahead is to be able to take advantage of it to find a coherent way to organize user data. With Lima, we keep a copy of all user data at home, but the main value of our product is being able to transform the way that data is managed.

With our software, we are fundamentally changing the way Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS or Android organize and process data. We standardize the devices, so that despite their respective size limits they can all contain the same data.

This allows you on the one hand to have exactly the same content on your smartphone and your computer, and on the other hand to never have to create duplicate files between your devices: all your devices contain the same files, organized in the same way. In a way, it just makes your devices more natural to use. For us, it is not a tool or a niche. It is a necessary evolution in the history of computing, on the road to the Internet of Things.