Penn Ar Box + Ronaldinho + Telefonica Business Solutions = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Penn Ar Box, to fill the lack of Brittany Brittany /
  • Football:, the platform that allows you to finance the projects of your favorite clubs.
  • Today’s figure: print still accounts for 51% of press readings in France.
  • Image of the day: the 6 stages of digital transformation.
  • The nomination of the day: Jun Kang joins Telefonica Business Solutions.

loiz-filyCreated in 2015 by two Breton entrepreneurs, Loïz Fily (in photo) and Julien kersale, the society Penn Ar Box has developed a box concept made up only of local products. If the project is surfing the trend of boxes and subscriptions, the peculiarity of Penn Ar Box is that it only offers local products.

On the brand’s website, customers can choose between two different boxes: the “Plij Box” and its selection of 6 products, or the “Buhez Box” and its 10 Breton products. Note that the vast majority of products are food products.

The Brest brand also allows its customers to buy online each of the products that make up its boxes. Ideal for Bretons “of the world”, nostalgic for Breton gastronomy.

1605492363 521 Penn Ar Box Ronaldinho Telefonica Business SolutionsFootball now has its crowdfunding platform. Baptized, it has just been created under the leadership of Gilles Lapierre. Organizing a match, buying balls, renovating a pitch or even taking young people to see a big match, these are the projects possible with This new platform can in particular help amateur clubs to develop in order to benefit from quality infrastructures.

If the idea of ​​a crowdfunding site specially dedicated to football is innovative, some football clubs have already launched projects on crowdfunding platforms. This is the case, for example, with Boulogne-Billancourt, a CFA 2 club which had just been promoted to CFA in the spring of 2015, which launched a crowdfunding campaign… To recruit Ronaldinho! Admittedly, the Brazilian player has never signed for the Ile-de-France club, but the initiative has generated 15,065 euros to strengthen the workforce and improve the equipment of the Boulogne-Billancourt club.

newspaper-newspaperOut of date, the paperweight? Nothing is less certain, if we are to believe the One 2015-2016 press hearing results published by the ACPM (Alliance for Press and Media Figures) on September 22. If digital attracts on average 86% more readers than print, nearly half (48%) of so-called “exclusive” readers (who read only from a single medium, editor’s note) say they only read the paperweight.

Another observation is that print accounts for 51% of readings (against 49% for digital). Finally, it should be noted that 71% of French people read at least one press brand online, and that nearly half of them (46%) do so on mobile.

Just over a third (35%) of companies engaged in a digital transformation process say they have a dedicated innovation team, if the study is to be believed. The 2016 State of Digital Transformation, directed by Brian Solis, analyst at Altimeter. Put another way, 35% of companies have reached or passed the 5th stage of the digital transformation process, which has 6 in all. This phase of convergence is indeed characterized by the constitution of a team dedicated to this issue.

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jan-klugeJan Kluge joined Telefonica Business Solutions, joint venture between Telefonica and Bouygues Telecom, as VP Sales Key Accounts. He thus takes the head of the team of business engineers in charge of multinationals and CAC 40 accounts in France.

Former Director of the Mid Market Business Unit at Bouygues Telecom, Jan Kluge will be responsible for developing the provision of services and solutions for the new entity created in June 2015. A graduate of HEC, he began his career in management consulting at Eurogroup Consulting. He joined the Bouygues Telecom group in 1995.

Adverline is looking for its Head of the Publishers Department (M / F)

Created in 2000 and acquired in 2012 by MEDIAPOST Communication, Adverline specializes in audience monetization on the internet.


  • Canvassing publishers at the national level

  • Animation and loyalty of the publishers network (revenue monitoring / implementation of optimization solutions, etc.)

  • Permanent market watch

  • The animation of the “publishers” team composed of 2 people