Pedagogy must evolve to prepare our children for the coming world

by bold-lichterman

We talk a lot about artificial intelligence and complementarity with the machine. The creative awakening to technology is the beginning of a response to this great challenge that awaits us. Chris and Trezorium have understood this well and offer workshops and tools for children from 6 years old.

The goal? Move them from passive consumers of technology to enthusiastic and creative players. A paradigm shift that must reach schools to adapt methods and pedagogy to train our children differently in the digital age.

Crucial issues for the future of the next generation bottle-fed smartphones and tablets, which tomorrow will be in direct competition with supercomputers and artificial intelligences on purely routine and “academic” tasks

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The contributor:

1605270891 583 Space conquest towards infinity and beyondPassionate about technology and innovation on the web interfaces side, Thomas gouritin has been immersed in chatbots for several years with the design of projects for national and international actors.
For 18 months, he has been documenting chatbot tests in all sectors on and he drew from it a white paper supplemented by testimonials from key accounts (from Direct Energie to Disney France). His watchword: stop bullshit, let’s think above all about the experience offered to users!