Paypal strengthens in mobile payment

by bold-lichterman

After the launch of Paypal Here two weeks ago in the United Kingdom, the electronic payment specialist has just announced the launch of Paypal Here on the iPad, reports the AllthingsD blog.


The new application incorporates the main features previously offered on iPhone, to which is added a battery of new options.

The iPad can for example be connected wirelessly to a cash drawer. The app also supports multiple business users on the same device. And, traders also have the ability to scan products through a barcode system.

In parallel with this launch, Paypal also announced yesterday that it had made the acquisition of the start-up Duff Research, specializing in mobile payment. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. With this takeover, the 18 employees of the start-up will join the Paypal teams.

As a reminder, the last acquisition of Paypal made public dates back to last summer with the takeover of the start-up