Pascal Thomas reveals the face of the “New Mappy” to come at the end of January

by bold-lichterman

At the end of the month, the Yellow Pages Group’s route planning and calculation service will experience a small revolution. Under the code name “New Mappy”, a redesign will be offered, first in mobile version and then on the web. She will be strongly inspired by Urbandive, the street view service launched in 2010 by Mappy which integrates all of the Yellow Pages data at the source.


The group will embark its 8 M of VU / month in new experiences marked by a Web To Store strategy fully playing the card of local commerce. It will soon be possible, as is already the case for Bordeaux, to enter the stores for panoramic visits and sometimes even to view products and stocks.

In-depth interview with Pascal Thomas, CEO of Mappy to detail the new features expected from the new version of Mappy but also the challenges of open data and dataviz as well as the card war between Apple and Google.