Paris City Hall: 25 minutes to turn on a computer …

by bold-lichterman

The employees of the City of Paris lose between 10 and 25 minutes each morning, the time that their computers turn on. This was revealed at a meeting which took place on April 2, devoted to the modernization of information systems within the Paris administration.

Fortunately, the Town Hall offered them a solution by issuing an internal note recommending them to “go for a walk on the side of the coffee machine during the ignition time”, reports Le Figaro.

David Alphand, elected UMP, even calculated that City Hall employees lose an average of 60 million minutes per year, or “the equivalent of the working time of about 700 officials”. He adds “When we know that the executive has invested 220 million euros in IT in six years, we reach dizzying heights in the dysfunctions of the Paris administration.”

Figures that prove that there is still work to be done, for a city that says it wants become the international digital capital a few years from now.

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