Parc Asterix, Madmagz, ForgetBox, Groupon … Zoom on the latest applications!

by bold-lichterman

The Asterix park, Storify, Madmagz, Groupon and ForgetBox respectively launched new products and applications. Let’s take a closer look at these five new services.

Parc Astérix launches an augmented reality mobile application

On the occasion of the launch of a new attraction called Oziris, the Asterix park has just set up, with the Grande & Sparks agency, its first mobile application providing users with a true augmented reality experience. The application thus offers each mobile user the opportunity to capture “spirits” scattered throughout Paris, with the key to free places to preview the new attraction, which will officially open its doors on April 7. Free, the application is already available on App Store and on the Android Market.

Parc Asterix Madmagz ForgetBox Groupon Zoom on the latest applications

With ForgetBox Gmail becomes unlimited

ForgetBox today announced the launch ofa new application allowing you to attach files of unlimited size to emails sent with Gmail. Thus, once the ForgetBox application is installed, a button “Attach a BIG file” is integrated into the user interface of Gmail. Then just select the desired file and send it. For the rest, ForgetBox takes care of everything. The recipients will thus receive the e-mail in the classic format accompanied by a link inviting them to download the file concerned. While waiting for their download, the files are stored at ForgetBox so as not to clutter the recipient’s e-mail box, which makes it possible to send many files at once.

1606076129 653 Parc Asterix Madmagz ForgetBox Groupon Zoom on the latest applications

Groupon on BlackBerry

Part of an m-commerce logic, Groupon launched today his BlackBerry application. The daily deals specialist is therefore now present on all smartphones. Already available and free on App World, the new application allows mobile users to consult, buy and use their deals in a few clicks. Thanks to the new service, BlackBerry users will no longer need to print their reduction coupon to benefit from the service purchased.

1606076129 924 Parc Asterix Madmagz ForgetBox Groupon Zoom on the latest applications

Madmagz adapts to the iPad

Madmagz, the French creator of online magazines, for its part, has just launched a web version of its site, optimized for iPad users. Without going through an application, but via a portability system, this new version therefore makes it possible to use many features offered by the iPad. Magazines are displayed in full screen and can be leafed through with your fingertips. Webzines finally adapt to the orientation of the iPad and thus offer a landscape or portrait mode.

1606076129 65 Parc Asterix Madmagz ForgetBox Groupon Zoom on the latest applications

Storify on iPad

Finally, Storify, the platform that aggregates information from social networks, recently launched its iPad application. This broadly follows the same principle as the web platform launched last April and therefore offers the possibility of creating “Stories” on a specific subject at your fingertips.