Palantir makes France its third market after the United States and the United Kingdom

by bold-lichterman

Representing 10% of its turnover in 2019, France is the third country in sales of Palantir, the famous American supplier of data analysis tools for intelligence agencies and businesses. France represented 72.2 million dollars in turnover for Palantir in 2019, out of a total turnover of 742.5 million dollars, according to the IPO notice published last week by the group. American.

The first area of ​​activity was the United States (40%) and the second the United Kingdom (16%). In the first half of 2020, the importance of the France zone increased further, since France represented 12% of Palantir’s turnover, on a par with the United Kingdom. French turnover jumped 66% over the period, reaching 55 million euros. Palantir (nearly 2,400 employees in total) remains discreet about its contracts.

But the firm renewed at the end of 2019 with the General Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DGSI) its contract to supply Gotham, a data analysis system originally designed for American agencies like the CIA. The firm also sold to Airbus and Sanofi Foundry its software which allows all the systems to be connected together to form a large common pool of data, which can then be used to inform a myriad of analyzes and decisions.