[Paiement mobile] Skimm finalizes a fundraising of 300,000 euros

by bold-lichterman

Skimm, start-up publisher of the eponymous mobile payment application, recently completed a first fundraising campaign with three French and English business angels, respectively specialized in the world of finance and management.

Imagined by Valentin Lautier and Antoine Sakho, Skimm! allows you to carry out transactions of a different nature from a single application. Already downloadable from the App Store and soon available on Android, the application offers the possibility of making money transfers from person to person, payments in stores, boutiques, restaurants as well as on websites. merchants. Skimm also integrates loyalty programs including promotional offers, coupons, event ticketing and other marketing services. In short, the start-up clearly aims to dematerialize the entire consumer portfolio …

Launched in beta last February, the application is now available in public version on the App Store and claims nearly 1,500 downloads and a transaction volume of € 60,000. Skimm also has around thirty clients ranging from independent merchants to large account clients, such as Subway. In addition to its three investors and three partners, four other employees are working on the development of the mobile application.

The funds raised will also be used to strengthen the start-up’s teams. The capital increase should also allow the young company to speed up the development of the solution by ensuring, in particular, the upcoming release of an application on Google Play and by deploying various marketing actions.

Today, Skimm’s business model is essentially based on commissions taken from merchants, valued between 0.3 and 3% of the amount of transactions. For users, the application remains completely free. The founders of Skimm are currently planning to diversify their income and should offer a premium offer for professionals in the short term.

Skimm is part of the second promotion of the Camping and is also incubated at Sciences Po.