Owni separates from his publishing company 22Mars SAS, which becomes Tactilize

by bold-lichterman

The pure player Owni, specializing in data journalism, announced today that it has separated from its publishing company 22 March SAS. The news site thus becomes an independent press company while 22Mars SAS becomes Tactilize SAS, a start-up publisher of a platform for creating applications for iPad.

Owni separates from his publishing company 22Mars SAS which becomes

This change of status was made during a general meeting of 22Mars SAS which was held this Friday, May 25. Following this decision, the management of Owni’s publication will now be carried out by Guillaume Dasquié, who already held the position of managing editor. With a team of 20 employees, the pure player has an editorial staff of 13 journalists and datajournalists.

For its part, in order to refocus its activity on the edition of innovative technological platforms, the company 22Mars SAS will now develop the platform. Tactilize. This new entity wants to be “user friendly” and aims to create high-end iPad applications. 30% of the capital of Tactilize SAS remains held by Nicolas Voisin, its founding CEO.

Nicolas Voisin: “In an exponentially growing application market, Tactilize is an innovative response to the considerable expectations of traditional media, for an efficient solution for editing media content distributed in the AppStore, allowing them to develop an offer strategy. , truly creating added value. ”

Owni separates from his publishing company 22Mars SAS which becomes