OVHcloud will obtain its security Visa by Anssi “before the end of the year”

by bold-lichterman

The French champion of IT hosting OVHCloud should obtain “before the end of the year” SecNumCloud qualification which certifies service providers considered reliable to store sensitive data from French companies and administrations, the president of the Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi) said on Wednesday. “We should have a big host from the north of France before the end of the year, it looks very good”, said Guillaume Poupard during an opening speech of the Cybersecurity Conference in Monaco, without citing the name of the Roubaix company.

To date, two cloud companies hold the French SecNumcloud certification: Oodrive and Outscale, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes. And OVHCloud is one of the five under review by Anssi. This “Will make it possible to provide elements of a solution to particularly complex legal and geopolitical problems”, added Mr. Poupard. European data protection regulations and the recent cancellation of an agreement between Europe and the United States (which includes cloud leaders Amazon, Google and Microsoft), prompt European governments to seek more digital sovereignty and invest in the creation of conditions for hosting personal and sensitive data with actors on the continent.

“R&D projects to meet market expectations”

The hosting of the French health data platform for research, initially entrusted to Microsoft, must in particular be repatriated soon to a French or European player, recently said the French government, which said it was working on the subject with Germany. . The two countries also announced on Tuesday the launch of new cooperation in the areas of cloud infrastructure. OVH welcomed this common position on Wednesday, asking for “Exemplary support from public decision-makers”.

“Genuine financial support for the sector will make it possible to strengthen and support the development of offers of confidence, to launch essential R&D projects to meet market expectations, but also to accentuate the dynamism of the European economic fabric by encouraging local employment “, pleaded the company in a press release. OVHCloud appeared in September in IDC’s 2020 ranking of global cloud infrastructure players. He is the only European, in 8th position behind the American and Chinese giants.