OVHcloud joins forces with Google to build an “operated and managed in Europe” solution

by bold-lichterman

Google Cloud, one of the world leaders in cloud (cloud computing), has signed a “Strategic partnership” with the French OVHcloud, which will allow the French to use Google Cloud technology on their own infrastructure. “OVHcloud will propose a new offer” a private cloud using Google Cloud’s Anthos technology, “Fully exploited and managed in Europe by OVHcloud teams”, sure “Its own dedicated infrastructure”, according to a joint statement from the two groups. Anthos is a software tool that allows developers to transfer already existing applications to the cloud, or directly create new ones.

For OVHcloud, which has often denounced the dangers of Europeans’ great dependence on American cloud platforms such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google, this step is symbolically significant. But OVHcloud believes that this possibility of using Google code on its own servers, under the responsibility of its own developers, represents an opportunity to be seized.

With this new kind of partnership, OVHcloud will offer developers one of the most efficient and agile solutions on the market while guaranteeing them full data sovereignty, since the platform will be fully operated and managed by OVHcloud teams ”, told AFP Michel Paulin, general manager of the French company. ” This is an important step that we are taking together to bring out ” a new offer for European cloud users, “While promoting openness, reversibility and relying on a trusted infrastructure, that of OVHcloud”, he added in a written statement.

A non-exclusive partnership

This offer goes unambiguously in the right direction both for European independence and for the economic development of our national champions ”, said the Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O. The partnership also represents a real evolution for Google Cloud, which claims that this is the first time that it has allowed a rival cloud infrastructure to operate one of its tools. . The American group thus shows that it has “listened” to customers and public decision-makers in Europe, and that it “Understands their need for greater control and autonomy” on the processing of their data, said Thomas Kurian, the boss of Google Cloud, quoted in the joint statement.

While it is a first in many respects, the partnership is not exclusive, and each of the two partners reserves the right to enter into similar agreements with other operators. European leaders are increasingly worried about the Old Continent’s dependence on large American data processing platforms. If in Europe “We are just capable of producing data, needing others to be able to exploit them, so we will be in the same situation as countries which have mineral resources but which have given the capacity to others to s ‘enrich with, with extremely low impact’ for themselves, explained a senior French official a few months ago.

OVHcloud is one of the 22 founding members of Gaia X, a project launched by the German and French governments to develop a European cloud offer. Gaia X does not aim to bring out a giant like the American or Chinese groups, but a galaxy of operators operating according to common standards: a sort of “market place” where each potential customer would find what he needs, without leaving European jurisdiction.