Ouya breaks Kickstarter record and raises $ 4 million

by bold-lichterman

A new project KickStarter ambitious has just seen the light of day: a game console called Ouya, entirely dedicated to “Free To Play” games.

Ouya breaks Kickstarter record and raises 4 million

To successfully complete the console, the project contractors had set an initial objective of $ 950,000. Amount largely reached and exceeded, since Ouya has for the moment collected more than $ 4M, nearly five times the basic amount, and this 27 days before the closing of donations. In total, nearly 30,000 Internet users would therefore have financially supported the project, for an average donation estimated at $ 129.

Android-based Ouya claims it will be done “By developers, for developers,” which means hobbyist game makers will be able to easily access the system and develop new games on it. As for consumers, they will have access to a wide range of free-to-play games.

A few video game players have already shown their support for the project, including Notch, who promises to adapt his game Minecraft if the product appeals to gamers.

Yves Behar, founder of the design firm Fuseproject, teamed up with Julie Uhrman, creator of Ouya, to design an affordable console. This one, available in March 2013, should be sold for $ 99.