Orange would take back control of Cloudwatt

by bold-lichterman

[MàJ du 12.01.2014 à 11h30] Orange confirmed that negotiations are underway to acquire all of the shares in Cloudwatt in a press release published on Monday morning: “Orange could acquire all of the shares in Cloudwatt and would then take over all of its employees. Such a scenario would allow Orange to strengthen its cloud computing service offering for businesses ”.

It had to be a three-handed project. In the absence of an agreement, there will ultimately only be Orange behind the company Cloudwatt. The French operator is said to be negotiating the buyout of the shares of Thales (which held 22%) and the Caisse des Dépôts (33% of the shares) in this sovereign cloud project, initiated by the State in 2012, say Channel News and The echoes. The transaction is expected to close in March, the amount of the transaction is not public at this time.

This would have the merit of clarifying the situation, a Cloudwatt client explained to Channel News on Friday. Beyond words, the State has never specified its intentions in terms of Sovereign Cloud. Cloudwatt would henceforth be identified as “the public cloud of Orange”, with a clear direction, technical, financial and human resources reassuring for its users in the long term.. “

Orange would therefore have chosen to buy back the shares of its partners in order to get rid of the governance issues and boost the company’s commercial development. The Cloudwatt offer will be integrated into the Orange cloud offer.

Ignition delay

The commercial offer was only launched in July 2014. In 2013, Cloudwatt posted net income of -29,242,500 euros for a turnover of 97,485 euros according to the documents filed with the Registrars. The echoes evoke a turnover of a few million in 2014. Figures much lower than what was expected in 2011, at the origin of the project. This delay in ignition could be explained in part by the choice to develop an in-house platform, rather than relying on an already existing one, as Numergy was able to do, which relied on that of SFR .

More generally, in 2011, the choice made by the State to split the sovereign cloud offer into two projects (Cloudwatt and Numergy) because of the disputes between French industrialists has inoculated a little more difficulties in a project which aimed to build an alternative offer to the American ones.

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