Orange will release a new box in 2012 with Technicolor

by bold-lichterman

According to Figaro, Technicolor, the former Thomson Multimedia has just won the call for tenders for the manufacture of the next Orange box.

A comeback for Technicolor, which had already produced the first two models Orange will release a new box in 2012 with Technicolorof Livebox for the incumbent operator before its competitor Sagem Communications was chosen for the Livebox 2.

The future box should allow connection to the internet, watch television and play video games. It could in turn integrate a reader like the Freebox Revolution.

Orange’s last box has been in service since 2009 and it seems strategic for Orange to launch a new set-top box while SFR and Free have just launched new, much more advanced models. The next box is announced for 2012.

The Figaro recalls that in March 2010, Orange had 7.46 million Liveboxes in service.