Orange ready to inject 50 million euros into Dailymotion

by bold-lichterman

New episode in the Dailymotion saga. During an interview on RTL, Tuesday, May 21, Stéphane Richard, detailed his action plan for the French video platform.

Orange will help Dailymotion to continue its acceleration initiated by Cedric Tournay, then to look for an international partner again in a few months. The CEO of France Telecom-Orange thus affirmed that the operator, of which 27% of the capital is held by the French State, was ready to inject “30, 40, 50 million euros so that Dailymotion does not widen its delay compared to the competition, YouTube in particular ”.

The challenge ahead for Dailymotion is to rely on a partner who will allow it to significantly increase its audience. During the interview, Stéphane Richard did not fail to specify that the door was still open for new negotiations with Yahoo !, which has just bought the blogging platform Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars.

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