Orange launches TVcheck, a new social TV experience

by bold-lichterman

Social networks have changed our uses, especially for TV media consumption. No more waiting for the next day to comment and share your feelings about a TV show. On Twitter for example, livetweets are organized spontaneously around the programs.

TVcheck websiteOrange launches a new free iPhone app called TVcheck to rediscover TV through a social dimension.
Its 3 assets: the social network, visual recognition, social gaming.

It is first and foremost a social network dedicated to the world of television. With the possibility to connect via Facebook, TVcheck offers the classic functionalities of a social network: posting a status, a comment or a recommendation.

The application also offers automatic program identification using visual recognition technology.

Finally, the concept of social gaming is introduced with badges, the “check” function and a scoring system to conquer the title of Master. These super-assets of the application will also benefit from surprises such as the possibility of attending the recordings of programs.

Download the app.