Orange and Alven Capital rely on Wynd to digitize traditional commerce

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Wynd, a French start-up specializing in cross-channel e-commerce, has just raised 7 million euros from Alven Capital and Orange Digital Ventures. The company had already completed a round of funding of 1.8 million euros last year with business angels.

The concept

Founded in 2013, Wynd develops digital order management solutions for merchants who sell perishable goods. The idea is to promote commerce which takes place on several channels, particularly on the Internet and in physical stores. The company also markets POS management systems (point of sale). Two years after its launch, Wynd works, for example, with the restaurateur Flunch or even several florist networks such as Monceau Fleurs and RapidFlore.

“Wynd’s solution is fundamentally transforming sales channels by covering a global scope serving the convergence of in-store (checkout, kiosk, production screen, smart TPE, etc.) and out-store (e-commerce platform, m- retail, marketplace, car and bike drive, etc.), while offering tools for improving productivity, increasing turnover and increasing customer knowledge, ”explains Orange Digital Ventures in its press release.

The market

“(…) We will continue to offer them (to customers, editor’s note) new disruptive features to help them even more in their digital transformation. The hard work of the teams has paid off and we have found in Alven and Orange Ventures the perfect partners to take Wynd to a new dimension, ”said Ismael Ould, co-founder of Wynd.

CEO: Ismael Ould

Creation: 2013

Market : point of sale digitization

Funding: € 8.8 million raised to date (October 2015)