Orange, 1 million fiber subscribers on “real” very high speed

by bold-lichterman

Out of 3.9 million very high speed subscribers in France in September 2015 (figures Arcep), Orange announces that it has arrogated more than a third. With this deployment, the operator takes the opportunity to go beyond the traditional vision of “pipes” and the infrastructure that we would like to give him. “Our vocation is to offer an incomparable experience”, warns Laurent Benatar, CTO of Orange France.

Orange also links this million subscribers to its massive investments for the deployment of fiber in the Paris region, but also in the regions. “Orange Fiber concerns more than five million connectable homes in nearly 800 municipalities in mainland France and in the overseas departments, an increase of 40% over the year 2015”, indicates the company. In this race for new subscribers, Orange is keen to make its difference, in particular because, unlike others, it only offers “real very high speed”, and not “co-axial” cable, which is slower. “We communicate on real,” repeats the CTO.

Side uses, Orange admits a part of trial and error. “Uses are a bit of a gamble, to follow what will work or not”, explains the CTO who joined the group twenty years ago. To be ahead, the marketing departments set up “focus groups” to monitor the use that is most quickly adopted by the subscriber.

The operator, which estimates that the positions dedicated solely to its fiber activity (out of a total of 98,000 employees in France and worldwide) at 20,000 jobs, identified the emerging uses. Among them, the possibility of “uploading photos to the cloud and watching them on TV”. “Instantaneity” is the new religion within the group.

The interview of Laurent Benatar, CTO Orange France by Frenchweb