Opinews raises funds to establish itself in the interactive live video market

by bold-lichterman

Launched in 2011 as a 3.0 media, the start-up brings together Arkeon Finance and several business angels in the capital.

When it started, it presented itself as ‘media 3.0’. The Opinews application, without downloading, made it possible to organize live video events from a webcam and to interact by chat and webcam, with all connected Internet users. A sort of editorialized Google Hangout.

Opinews has since repositioned itself on a BtoB interactive live video offer, with an offer based on live broadcasting on the Internet, and interaction with Internet users during events, with no limit on participants. Among the subscribers of the application: Marmiton for his live cooking classes, AuFeminin.com for product demonstrations, or even MagicMaman for a sponsored competition. Very recently, it was the broadcast of Fleur Pellerin’s visit to Michel and Augustin, which was broadcast simultaneously.

To build such an offer, Opinews has invested more than 150,000 euros in technology: development, cameras, control room, satellite antenna. It offers in fine to embed the video on the websites.

The start-up launched two years ago, which had raised 100,000 euros from Florian Du Boys, one of the co-founders of Neo Télécoms, today announces the entry into the capital of Arkeon Finance and several business angels , up to 660,000 euros. It aims for a balance in mid-2014.

The idea now is to offer a 360 ° offer to perform live, participatory or not, from capture to broadcast. Because the market is small but the known players: Vi-live, Ustream, Brainsonic, or even Livestream for broadcasting.

Fundraising will help recruit, promote and improve the tool. A tool called Chatlive, which will be revamped in mid-November, and will allow the customer to obtain more data and features: choice of login, enrichment of the chat with photos, videos, surveys, tweets, and the possibility of interacting in private with the participant (s).

  • Funding: € 1,060,000 (global investment, including two fundraising)
  • Staff: 6
  • CA: NC
  • Number of clients: 25
  • Founder and CEO: Onel Trouillot