[Opérateurs] Fleur Pellerin guarantees free hotlines

by bold-lichterman

The twists and turns around the telecoms sector do not end. Indeed, in an interview given on a daily basis The Parisian, Fleur Pellerin declared that the telephone assistance established in the operator sector will remain free. The Minister for the Digital Economy also pointed out the subsidizing of mobiles, recently criticized by Xavier Niel.

Operateurs Fleur Pellerin guarantees free hotlines

Fleur Pellerin guaranteed this Thursday, July 24 that the achievements of consumers would be maintained, adding that there was “no question of going back on free telephone assistance, nor on that of waiting time. “

This formal affirmation therefore contradicts information from Echoes, relayed on FrenchWeb on July 16, according to which the government was studying the return of “pay hotlines”. The daily then specified that the government was considering setting up a paid service in the event that it would meet “several quality criteria, including the establishment of the call center in France and the fact of not having a voice server. , especially. “.

At the same time, bouncing on the recent announcement of Xavier Niel, Fleur Pellerin specified that the subsidization of telephones in the packages posed “questions in terms of transparency (consumers do not know the price) and of the economic model. “

As a reminder, the CEO ofIliad announced on July 18, in an interview with Capital, that he had just lodged a complaint against SFR with the commercial court, for unfair competition.

In question, the famous subsidies of mobiles, which represent according to him “a way of making disguised consumer credit… without subjecting to legal constraints”. The entrepreneur then specified that these processes would amount to “practicing wear rates of 300 or 400% that the consumer does not see”