Open Wide: Bpifrance and CM-CIC acquire capital to Europeanize the company

by bold-lichterman

Open Wide wants to accelerate its growth in 2014. The Parisian SSLL (free software services company, editor’s note), founded in 2001, announced on Tuesday the entry into its capital of CM-CIC Capital Finance. Bpifrance and CIC-Lyonnaise de Banque are also investing, giving the company a development capacity of 4 million euros.

The group is studying several options to accelerate its development: undertake an external growth strategy and / or launch new offers. “To carry out these launches, Open Wide plans to triple the size of its consulting division which intervenes upstream and in the management of its integration projects (…) At the same time, Open Wide will also open new branches in the regions and prepare the ‘internationalization of its activities in Europe, in particular in the Benelux zone, Switzerland and Germany, ”one said in a press release.

Open Wide specializes in the integration and operation of free software. Galeries Lafayette, Renault and Allianz have already called on his services. Directed by its founder Patrick Bénichou, it exceeded 9 million in turnover in 2013 and employs more than 115 people. The company plans to achieve a turnover of 11 million euros in 2014 and bring together more than 120 employees. In particular, it faces competition from Alter Way, another French IT services company of a similar size, also specialized in the integration of free software in companies.