Open source cloud: Docker, founded by French Solomon Hykes, raises $ 15 million

by bold-lichterman

Docker, formerly dotCloud, has just raised 15 million from Greylock Partners

“Right now in Silicon Valley, developers are talking about two buzz: Snapchat and Docker We hear in San Francisco. Formerly called Dotcloud, the start-up co-founded by alumni of the Epitech school has just completed a round of 15 million dollars with Greylock Partners, Insight Ventures and a participation of historical investors like Benchmark, Trinity Ventures. Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo, is also on the tour.

Docker is an open source solution that makes it easier for developers to code to the cloud, from computer to computer, via data “containers” with accelerated transfer time. The application has been downloaded more than 400,000 times, and major brands and cloud providers have already adopted the solution: RackSpace, Russian Yandex, OpenStack, Chinese Baidu, ebay, Spotify etc…

Docker, whose CEO Ben Golub is American, made a pivot to focus last March on the development of its open source solution. Dotcloud was previously a cloud provider with a PaaS (Platform as A Service) offer, but the request to simplify technical infrastructures has been well identified by Docker, which now offers a new standard: “We are witnessing a fundamental break in the infrastructure. data center and SaaS applications (…) Docker has emerged as a key player in this transformation, it is quickly becoming the standard for “containerization”, says Jerry Chen, partner at Greylock.

This new round of financing will mainly serve to accelerate growth and create a set of commercial services around Docker, the solution of which is now free and available in open source, the company told FrenchWeb. Recruitments are naturally planned.

In addition to the USA, where the team has been based for several years, the startup is targeting the global market: Europe and Asia in priority.

The French Solomon Hykes went through the Epitech school until 2006 and founded Dotcloud in June 2010, on a PaaS model that helps developers to code their applications more easily. The company, which has raised a total of $ 26 million, admits to receiving takeover offers. The startup is now mentored by several renowned investors, including the former VP executive of VMWare, Jerry Chen. The latter has also worked on many server virtualization software.

Docker also plays the community card to the full, and organizes Meet up in 35 cities around the world, a project that fits well with the “open source” spirit.

The French of Docker in San Francisco surrounded by Ben Golub, CEO of Docker:


From left to right: Guillaume J. Charmes (Lead developer – former Epitech), Julien Barbier (Marketing and community director – former Epitech), Jérôme Petazzoni (Lead developer), Ben Golub (CEO), Victor Vieux (Developer – former Epitech) , Solomon Hykes (co-Founder and Technical Director – former Epitech), Victor Coisne (Marketing), Samuel Alba (co-Technical Director – former Epitech), Yannis Peyret (finance, accounting), Eric Bardin (Finance Director)

  • Launch in March 2013
  • 300 different contributors to the project opensource
  • 40,000 “trained developers”
  • 35 cities around the world have a Docker meetup group
  • Solution customers: Rackspace, OpenStack, Baidu, Yandex, ebay, Spotify, Opentable, Cloudflare, Mailgun, Openshift, Activestate, Relateiq, Deis, Nirmata, Rethinkdb, …