Oocar wants to connect 2 million vehicles within five years

by bold-lichterman

After the applications to measure its sports performance, here are those that focus on automotive performance. It is in this niche that Oocar is positioned, a Parisian start-up which has developed a small box which, connected to a car, records a multitude of data on driving. If the unit does not allow direct measurement of CO2 emissions, it analyzes in particular the impact of driving on fuel consumption.

“The automobile represents 12% of a household’s budget, which includes the purchase, fuel consumption, repairs, insurance or even the payment for parking lots”, explains to Frenchweb Philippe Chassany, the founder. To reduce the bill, Oocar has developed an algorithm that analyzes the data collected in order to provide drivers with a score that assesses their driving.

IOS and Android apps

After having started its activity in B2B (for the estimation of costs relating to company fleets), Oocar is focusing on B2C with a mobile application available on iOS and Android. And beyond its customers, the company is also approaching the automotive ecosystem that the data collected may be of interest.

While the market is still in its infancy, Oocar has set itself the target of reaching 2 and 3 million vehicles in Europe by 2020. In France alone, the vehicle fleet is made up of 38, 4 million vehicles in 2015, according to the French Committee of Automobile Manufacturers. More details with Philippe Chassany, founder of Oocar.

Founder: Philippe Chassany

Creation: 2015

The head office : Paris

Market : connected car

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