onoff App, the start-up of Taïg Khris, raises 2 million euros to transform the trial

by bold-lichterman

The amount

onoff App, a French start-up which publishes a service of “cloud numbers», Has just raised 2 million euros from its shareholders already in the capital and from private investors on whom the company does not wish to communicate. This new operation brings the total amounts raised since the creation of the company to 3 million euros.

The market

Founded in 2014 by Taïg Khris, former rollerblading world champion, onoff App publishes a telephone number hosting service in the cloud. Thus, a telephone equipped with a single SIM card can receive and make calls with several distinct numbers. A solution aimed at both professionals and individuals wishing to have several lines.

The solution also has an advantage: in the event of a battery failure on a smartphone, it is possible to find the contacts and make calls again from the same number from another phone on which the application has been installed. The economic model is based on a monthly subscription to which additional costs may apply for certain calls (abroad for example).

The objectives of the Start-up

Launched in February, the onoff App already claims 180,000 downloads, without however specifying the exact number of paying subscribers. With this new investment, the company intends to continue developing its platform.

Releasing in open beta (…) allowed us to improve the application and the technology quickly. We had several thousand exchanges with our community (supports, features to be developed, ideas) which allowed us to fix many bugs. With all developer recruitments underway we should achieve fully stable V1 later this year.», Says Taïg Khris. The entrepreneur, who intends to set sail internationally, hopes to complete a bigger round of funding by the end of the year.

Interview with Taïg Khris, founder of onoff App, in February 2015: