Only 12% of French companies have adopted cloud computing

by bold-lichterman

French companies are struggling to convert to cloud. According to an INSEE study, only 12% of companies with at least 10 people have bought services from ” cloud computing »In 2014. A level that places France behind many European neighbors, such as Finland (51%), Italy (40%) or Belgium (21%). Conversely, if we focus on companies with more than 250 people, this rate rises to 36%, a level equivalent to the European average.

Unsurprisingly, adoption is highest in the information and communications sector (38% in companies with 10 to 249 people), far ahead of specialized, scientific and technical activities (19%) , commerce (12%), industry (9%) and accommodation and catering (5%).

Among the main factors hindering the adoption of cloud in companies, the study highlights concerns about security risks, the uncertainty of the location of data and legal uncertainties. In terms of uses, French companies that subscribe to offers of cloud computing primarily purchase e-mail, file storage and database hosting services. Office software, compatibility or customer relationship management software coming far behind.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos