Online real estate appraisal: Foncia buys the start-up EffiCity

by bold-lichterman

Foncia has just bought EffiCity, a start-up that publishes an online property valuation tool. The company claims to be able to assess 60,000 real estate projects per month. It then offers its services to take charge of the sale of estimated homes through its sales network.

Several companies are positioning themselves in the online real estate appraisal market. These include Refleximmo or Lacoteimmo. “Although we do not come from the same sector, Foncia from the off-line and EffiCity from the digital, we share a common objective: to build the leader in the real estate transaction” declared at the end of this acquisition Christophe du Pontavice, co-founder and director of EffiCity.

Foncia goes digital

“Foncia has stepped up the digitization of its activities in recent months. We plan to invest more than 10 million euros in targeted acquisitions in the real estate sector as well as in the training of our 7,500 employees in these new tools, the latter allowing us to provide our clients with greater transparency as well as greater efficiency, ”explains François Davy, Chairman of Foncia.

Launched in 2007, EffiCity offers the possibility of estimating its property from its online software, without obligation. This is based on a map which lists the price per square meter according to the geographical location (city, district, etc.). The company presents itself as a “real estate agency with reduced commission” (1% to 3% according to the website) which connects buyers and sellers via the Internet. It specifies on its website that it makes an average sale in Paris every day.

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