[On a testé] Chauffeur-Privé: a high-end car in one click

by bold-lichterman

Private driver launched last March. This service offers to contact a personal driver via a dedicated application. The start-up relies on the quality of service of a “fleet” of more than 60 vehicles, and on the lack of service offers in Paris and the inner suburbs.

The application is free, available on iPhone and on Android via Google play. This new player in passenger transport is aiming for deployment in airports and other cities in France and in Europe.

There are now 4 players in Paris to launch a passenger transport service. Uber has been installed since December 2011 in the capital, followed by Chauffeur-Privé. Other services have recently taken this niche: SnapCar, and Driver Club, whose objective is to reduce racing costs as much as possible.

Chauffeur-Privé offers a € 15 credit to FrenchWeb readers. to benefit from it, click here (registration until 09-09-12)

Car interview with Yan Hascoet, co-founder of Chauffeur-Privé