[OJD] Site visits in March 2012

by bold-lichterman

The OJD yesterday published the latest figures relating to site visits in March 2012. The study takes into account for the first time the audience of 9 new members, with certified figures from Orange.fr, the Voila.fr search engine, the 118712.fr site, but also the Paris-Normandy sites. fr, la-conjugaison.fr, lettres-gratuites.com, influencia.net, docnews.fr, and finally the Studyrama Group.

OJD Site visits in March 2012

First observation: the portal of the telecoms operator immediately appears as the first most visited site with more than 453M visits recorded in March. Next come LeBonCoin.fr (233M visitors), PagesJaunes (82M visitors), L’Equipe (78M visitors) and Le Monde with 67M visitors.

In terms of mobile applications, the World application comes in first position with 21M visits recorded in March. The application of L’Equipe is in second position with more than 18M visits. Next come Télé-Loisirs (16.2M visits), La Chaîne-Météo (11.8M visits) and the Parisian application which comes in 5th position with 11M visits recorded over the month studied.

1606060059 636 OJD Site visits in March 2012