Ogury wants to titillate Criteo, Facebook and Twitter on mobile targeting

by bold-lichterman

“We have an almost unprecedented granularity of data on mobile”, announces Jean Canzoneri, the co-founder from Ogury, with Thomas Pasquet, a targeting platform dedicated to m-commerce.

This platform makes it possible to retrieve mobile opt-in data, but also data on application downloads, and behavioral data. After mixing all these data, Ogury’s algorithm provides a profiling of the user, and delivers precise information that will impact the effectiveness of campaigns, and their performance.

Jean Canzoneri, Ogury
Jean Canzoneri, Ogury

The French start-up, most of whose team is based in London, has several arguments to convince. First, because the founding team of Ogury has already launched and sold BeeAd to Teads (Ebuzzing), a video advertising agency, which, according to Jean Canzoneri, would now boost Teads’ turnover by 50%. Ebuzzing.

Then, because the start-up has easily managed to raise money recently: 1.5 million euros in pre-seed, from Ventech, Airtek and Covent funds: “We raised on a powerpoint” tells us Jean, while the SDK (kit for developers) was offered in partner applications only last September.

In addition, the start-up has just convinced the ex-VP engineering of Criteo, Yan Georget, to join the structure, which currently has 40 people, including Raphaël Rodier (ex-Hi-Media), Boris Clemencon (INRIA) , Adam Rubach (ex-Struq) and Jacopo Ercolani (ex-Teads). Most of the team is based in London, the rest is split between France and Italy.

Concretely, Ogury has deployed 250 campaigns in 20 countries, with more than 1000 publishers who have tested the solution.

Some client brands such as McDonald’s, la Française des Jeux, and Bose, have also tested Ogury on their contextualized advertising. But we won’t know more about the conversion rate.

The start-up, which competes with Facebook and Twitter on their positioning as a “mobile targeter”, wants to take advantage of its first good results to plugger on DSPs, Demand-Side Platforms, these platforms that centralize media campaigns. Ogury, which mainly develops on Android, bases its immediate future on the CPC (cost per click) model. The young shoot sets the publisher a CPM (Cost per thousand), and is paid by CPC. “It’s the same model as Criteo,” says the co-founder.

Ogury’s primary market is of course Britain’s for the company, which says 40% of Christmas shopping was done on mobile last year.

In this context, the stakes are still high on mobile targeting, starting with the massive adhesion of developers to the SDK. Multitasking (connections on several mobile devices) is also a reality that tends to grow and complicates things, because it dilutes the capture and granularity of data.

In adtech mobile, it is indeed the battle for the most relevant and finest data possible that will be legion. Ogury therefore has a good place to take. Or a double hit to play after the resale of BeeAd.