OGGA automatically manages the energy of the house

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The Eco-Touch tool fromOGGA manages your home’s energy consumption even when you are away. This solution was created in November 2014 by three friends Stéphane Gagnat, Laurent Oger and Patrice Bouchand. Stéphane and Laurent have known each other for 10 years. Stéphane and Patrice met in 2000 when they were working in the same company. The idea of ​​creating a product that can be used by everyone brings Patrice and Stéphane together around their common values. More details with Stéphane Gagnat, president of OGGA.

Frenchweb: What needs does OGGA meet?

stephane-Gagnat-ogga-2016Stéphane Gagnat, President of OGGA: We meet the needs of two market segments. We meet the needs of developers looking to differentiate themselves, by providing them with an intelligent, scalable and connected housing solution. We also meet the needs of social landlords, who are looking for very easy-to-use solutions to help occupants save energy.

OGGA provides a solution of “machine learning»Which learns the occupants’ habits, the thermal characteristics of the home, to automatically manage the energy in the home. During absences, the heating switches to economy mode, the lights are all off and the devices on standby are switched off. At night, the temperature is automatically lowered. All this without programming or configuration. It is suitable for both young workers and the elderly.

What is your value proposition?

Integrate a system that makes homes aware, by adapting energy consumption to real needs and simplifying energy savings.

Simplify the use of housing so that it can be used by everyone (young, old, people without a smartphone), by offering remote housing management.

Guarantee the evolution of housing through a non-owner system, which allows housing to evolve over time or according to the wishes of the occupants.

Offer these innovations at a cost allowing its installation from entry-level housing.

Who are OGGA users?

Users are individuals like you and me who live in an apartment or a house.

We are all looking for comfort, to save money, and to benefit from technological innovations provided that their use is simple and obvious.

With Eco-Touch, in a single gesture your home switches to energy saving mode, the heating adapts to your length of absence, the lights are off, the devices on standby are off. and, for your comfort, your accommodation anticipates your return.

Associated with the application, you can check that your home is in economy mode from your office, or that your child has returned home as planned.

If your energy consumption becomes abnormal, Eco-Touch automatically warns you.

What is your development plan?

Our Eco-Touch product has been on the market for a year, and already installed in many homes. We are in a national development, with a very high rate of market attractiveness. We have already started projects outside of France, and we will step up in 2017.

What are your challenges?

We want to go into the market of new real estate developers, and new and renovation social landlords. Regarding our financial projects, we want to keep this confidential for the moment. We recruited 2 people in 2016, and we will recruit 8 to 10 in 2017.

Who are your competitors?

We have a lot of indirect competitors, mainly in the home automation sector. OGGA is positioned in the residential automation sector, based on the analysis of consumption. In this sector, our competitors are young innovative companies, which often target more a private market. We can cite Nest, Ween, Netatmo but they are mainly players in BtoC when OGGA is in BtoB. OGGA is aimed only at the building professionals market.

Founder : Stéphane Gagnat, Laurent Oger and Patrice Bouchand

Seat : Lyon

Creation date : november 2014

Capital : 327,150 euros

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