[Officiel] After internet, Free makes its revolution in mobile

by bold-lichterman

The tension was at its height this morning at the Paris headquarters of theIliad. After creating the buzz for several months, Xavier Niel finally unveiled the details of his mobile offer during a real live streamed show.

The one who announced to halve the mobile bill of French households in 2008 has therefore kept his promise. The table below, which lists the various 100% web offers, shows how Free has managed to cut prices.

Officiel After internet Free makes its revolution in mobile

It remains to be seen how its competitors will react to these ultra aggressive offers …

The operator also offers an offer of mobile terminals completely dissociated from the package itself. Users will therefore be able to buy a mobile now with payment facilities ranging from 12 to 36 months.

Freemobile has also announced an agreement with Apple to market the iPhone 4S 16 GB with a first monthly payment of € 1 then € 19.99 for 36 months. This specific offer will be available from January 27th. (January 20 for fans).

All packages are already marketed on the official site.