[OFF] Cyril Zimmermann leaves, Ommi.fr raised 310,000 euros …

by bold-lichterman

Cyril-ZimmermannCyril Zimmermann, the president and founder of Hi-Media Group will leave Paris to settle in San Francisco. Entrepreneur involved in the media world, especially on the issue of ad blocking, he will therefore have to gradually give up his various hats. Since April 2014, he has been President of ACSEL, a term of one year. He is also a member of the Digital Commission at the National Assembly.

Information on which Cyril Zimmermann wanted to react:

“I wanted to clarify first that I left for HiMedia (which he founded) and that I am not expected to leave ACSEL. On the contrary, being in San Francisco will make it possible to build a Paris-Silivon Valley bridge for ACSEL and facilitate exchanges and inspiration. In addition, I will be going back and forth, and ACSEL also relies on an office and a permanent team headed by Grégorie Ducret who was recently recruited. ”

DiazBrothers Diaz», Carlos and Manuel, respectively CEO-founder of Kwarter and President of the digital agency eMakina, will join the Isai investment fund managed by Jean-David Chamboredon. A second seed fund endowed with 55 million euros is to finance post-seed start-ups.

The start-up Ommi.fr, a new solution for renting an apartment in Paris “without fees or commissions”, raised 310,000 euros from French and English Business Angels. In particular, the site has set up a “public candidate file” to be used on other advertising sites (PAP, LeBonCoin, Seloger, etc.). It claims 50,000 members.