Objenious, the IoT subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom

by bold-lichterman

Under the direction of Stéphane Allaire, Objenious aims to develop B2B and B2B2C offers in the field of the Internet of Things, from geolocation to remote reading.

“We have signed partnerships with key IoT players in France. Large industrial groups, of course, but also start-ups that matter, both in terms of sensors and business applications, ”indicates Stéphane Allaire, including nke Watteco, Eolane, or even Finsécur, a supplier of fire safety solutions.

Objenious will rely on the LoRa network developed by Bouygues Telecom, which will allow connected objects to be connected to it. The network has already been deployed in around fifteen cities, and targets 50% of the French population by mid-2016, and should reach 4,000 branches by the end of the year.

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