[NUMBERS] Which are the 5 cities best prepared for the AI ​​revolution?

by bold-lichterman

Artificial intelligence may have been on everyone’s lips in recent years, no city is today really prepared for the challenges posed by this technology. Between the impact of automation on employment and the concerns surrounding autonomous cars and drones, there are today many more questions than concrete answers on the consequences brought about by artificial intelligence.

And even in cities looking to leverage artificial intelligence to become smarter, more sustainable cities, no one really knows what to expand to. However, according to United Nations estimates, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050.

Singapore, the best armed city

In this context, Oliver Wyman conducted a worldwide study of 105 cities to better understand the potential disruption caused by artificial intelligence. To do this, the firm interviewed more than 50 business and city managers, and examined 250 town planning documents. From this analysis, an index emerged to establish which cities are best equipped to deal with artificial intelligence.

Cities have been classified into four categories according to their size by Oliver Wyman: small cities (less than 3 million inhabitants), medium-sized cities (between 3 and 5 million inhabitants), large cities (between 5 and 10 million inhabitants). inhabitants) and mega-cities (more than 10 million inhabitants). Each was rated with a score out of 100 according to four criteria: the quality of the city’s strategy, its ability to carry out its projects, the quality of its infrastructure, its education system and its talent pool, and impact of its combined elements on the development of the city. Notable point: no city appears in the Top 20 of the four criteria, or even in the Top 10 of three categories.

Paris, 5th best city prepared

Unsurprisingly, mega-cities, like London, New York and Los Angeles, appear to be best positioned thanks to well-developed business communities and highly skilled talent pools. However, smaller cities that are fully in tune with the technological era, such as Amsterdam and Stockholm, can do well. Thus, five of the 10 cities best prepared for the AI ​​revolution have fewer than five million. inhabitants. However, it is Singapore which is at the top of the ranking, ahead of London, New York, San Francisco… and Paris!

It should be noted that the Oliver Wyman firm also carried out a global survey of 10,000 city dwellers which revealed that despite their optimism about the opportunities offered by technologies in their cities, 45% of them anticipate a job loss because of artificial intelligence or automation. In addition, 95% of people in Shanghai believe that technology will make their life better, compared to 47% in Berlin, the world average being 69%.

Top 5 cities best prepared for the AI ​​revolution:

  1. Singapore (75.8)
  2. London (75.6)
  3. New York (72.7)
  4. San Francisco (71.9)
  5. Paris (71.0)

The cities best prepared for the AI ​​revolution according to their size:

The cities best prepared for the AI ​​revolution, according to the firm Oliver Wyman. Credit: Oliver Wyman.