[Numbers] What is the turnover of eSports in France?

by bold-lichterman

  • In 2018, the turnover of eSports will reach $ 345.9 million in Europe, according to a SuperData study conducted for PayPal.

  • In France, the sector will generate $ 24 million revenue in 2018.

Considered a true eldorado for some brands, eSport is on the rise in Europe. In 2018, the sector will indeed generate nearly $ 346 million in revenue, according to a SuperData study, or 8% more than the revenue expected in 2017 by experts.

If we consider the champion countries of eSports in Europe, Sweden with its 49 million dollars in turnover comes first, followed by Russia (40 million dollars in turnover). France comes in third place, with an estimated turnover of 24 million dollars in 2018.

In terms of audience too, France is at the top of the European ranking. In 2018, 1.9 million viewers will watch eSports, according to firm estimates. Although this represents “only” 20.6% growth compared to 2017, one of the lowest growth rates in Europe, France remains in the Top 3 of the European countries that consume the most eSports. Note, the millennials represent 57% of this audience. Europe-wide, the eSports audience is expected to reach 30 million people by 2018.


Sources: SuperData, eMarketer

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