[Numbers] What is the share of Macs in Apple’s sales?

by bold-lichterman

At the beginning of April, Apple made a rather surprising revelation. The company has indeed admitted to being wrong in the design of its Mac Pro. Released in 2013 and sold for 3,399 euros, these computers did not allow the company to boost sales of its office devices. Since 2000, the share of computer sales in its income has been steadily declining. It went from 86% in 2000 to 11% in 2016.

Infographic: Mac: the failed bet of <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/apple> Apple </a> |  Statista “height =” auto “src =” https://infographic.statista.com/normal/chartoftheday_8830_mac_le_pari_rate_d_apple_n.jpg “style =” width: 100%;  height: auto! important;  max-width: 960px; -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;  “Width =” 100% “/> </p>
<p> According to <a href=https://www.frenchweb.fr/apple> Apple </a>, there are 100 million Mac users in the world.  The company claims to derive $ 25 billion in revenue from these sales.  </p>
<p> On January 9, the Cupertino company celebrated 10 years of the iPhone.  In 2016, 212 million phones were sold compared to 12 million in 2008. </p>
<h5> <em> Sources: <a rel= Apple , Statista

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