[Numbers] What are the favorite brands of American Millennials?

by bold-lichterman

  • Youtube tops the list of favorite brands of American Millennials, with 72.3% of them who use the platform.
  • Facebook comes in second place, with 71.6% users, followed by Google and his 70.1% users.
  • Uber, Instagram and Lyft are the 3 brands that have known the strongest progression in one year, with +8.2 points for Uber and +6 points for the other two companies.
Data: YouGov BrandIndex

YouTube, Facebook and Google are the three favorite brands of American Millennials, according to the results of a study produced by YouGov BrandIndex. Their services are in fact used by more than 70% of Millennials across the Atlantic.

Amazon, Walmart and Netflix come in 4th, 5th, and 6th place respectively, and claim more than 50% of regular users. If we are particularly interested in social networks that arrive in the Top 20 of the ranking, Instagram is used by 44.7% of Millennials, Twitter at 35.1% and Snapchat at 32.3%. Note, Airbnb is only used by 8.2% of them.

In terms of growth, Uber has gained the most customers in this age group in the space of a year, with an increase of +8.2 points. In total, more than a quarter (25.5%) of Millennials use it. Instagram and Lyft have meanwhile gained +6 points since January 2016. Snapchat comes in 4th place with a growth of 5.6 points.

  1. YouTube (72.3%)
  2. Facebook (71.6%)
  3. Google (70.1%)
  4. Amazon (60%)

  5. Walmart (52.7%)

  6. Netflix (50.7%)

  7. Instagram (44.7%)

  8. Apple (42.2%)

  9. Wikipedia (40%)

  10. Visa (39.6%)

The strongest growth since January 2016:

  • Uber (+8.2 points)
  • Instagram (+6)
  • Lyft (+6)
  • Snapchat (+5.6)

  • TLC (+4.7)

  • Twitter (+4.3)

  • WhatsApp (+3.9)

  • Delta (+3.8)

  • Spotify (+3.7)

  • Adidas (+3.4)

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