[Numbers] Uber’s valuation is falling

by bold-lichterman

  • Since its last fundraiser in June 2016, Uber was valued at $ 68 billion.

  • In full restructuring, the company is now valued at 50 billion dollars, or 26% less, according to information TechCrunch.

In full restructuring following the various controversies that have affected it in recent months, Uber sees its valuation on the secondary markets drop. The company is now valued at around $ 50 billion, according to a information TechCrunch. Since its last fundraiser in June 2016, the company was valued at $ 68 billion, making it the highest-valued start-up in the world. Note, despite this 26% drop in its valuation, Uber still remains ahead of the Chinese Xiaomi, valued at 46 billion dollars.

At the same time, Lyft, Uber’s main competitor in the United States, would see its valuation rise, again according to the American media, which does not, however, figure this increase. Last April, Lyft had raised $ 600 million, during a roundtable that valued it $ 7.5 billion, far behind its competitor.

Uber faces an unprecedented management crisis. Under pressure from a group of investors, Travis Kalanick resigned this week from his position as CEO. The reaction of the employees of the company was not long in coming: a petition is currently circulating internally, asking for the return of Travis Kalanick at the head of the company. So far, 1,100 of the company’s 14,000 employees have signed this petition, believing that the former CEO has a fundamental role to play in the company’s future development.

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