[NUMBERS] There will be 8 billion voice assistants in the world by 2023

by bold-lichterman

Alexa, how many voice assistants will there be around the world in four years? According to British analysts at Juniper Research, their use is expected to triple over the next few years. Indeed, the firm estimates that 8 billion digital voice assistants will be used in the world by 2023, against 2.5 billion devices at the end of 2018. Not surprisingly, when we have now fully entered an era ” mobile-first ”, the majority of these assistants will be used on smartphones. Google, with Google Assistant, Apple, with Siri, or even Samsung, with Bixby, thus offer their smart assistants to Android and iOS users.

Although voice assistants have been popularized by smart speakers, led by Amazon Echo and Google Home, it is those embedded in smart TVs that are expected to experience the strongest growth over the next few years. Indeed, Juniper Research expects assistants in “Smart TV” to grow 121.3% over the next five years, against 41.3% for those integrated in connected speakers. “Wearables”, these activity trackers that one carries on oneself or that are present in clothes, should also bring the rise of intelligent assistants with an expected growth of 40.2%. While Alexa is currently the market leader in voice assistants for connected speakers, Juniper Research indicates that it will have to face competition from Chinese firms in the coming years.

Voice commerce will weigh $ 80 billion a year by 2023Apple-converted-space “>

However, this forecast is biased insofar as Juniper Research primarily includes money transfer and purchases of digital goods (music, video, photo, software, articles, etc.) behind this notion, rather than more traditional purchases, such as physical goods. “We expect the majority of voice commerce to be in digital purchases, until digital assistants deliver truly seamless experiences across multiple platforms.”Says James Moar, author of the study. He adds that “connected TVs and smart displays are vital in this setting, as they can provide visual context that smart speakers lack“.

Last lesson of the study, and not the least, the rise of intelligent assistants will have a negative impact on the global market for mobile applications. Analysts from Juniper Research believe that consumer demand for multi-platform assistants will increase, applications exclusively dedicated to smartphones and tablets will therefore be gradually abandoned. With the progression of voice assistants to the detriment of mobile applications, our time spent on the screen of our smartphone or tablet will de facto decrease.