[Numbers] The salary of engineers in France vs in the United States

by bold-lichterman

French engineers would earn on average the equivalent of $ 55,000 gross per year, according to the 2017 report on international salaries in the technology sector. France ranks last among the countries studied. In the United States, these salaries exceed 100,000 dollars a year. In San Francisco, this figure even reaches 134,000 dollars gross per year.


The report calculates the salary of engineers against the cost of living. In San Francisco, life is still quite high. This is why some engineers prefer to work in cities like Austin, Melbourne, Seattle or Toronto. For example, a developer who works in Austin for an average of $ 110,000 would earn in San Francisco $ 198,000 for the same job, if the cost of living is factored in. Nearly a quarter of Austin-based companies hire a candidate who doesn’t live there. The proposed salary can then reach up to 57% more than that offered to local candidates.

This trend is confirmed in France. The salary of a local developer can reach $ 55,000 per year compared to $ 86,000 for a non-local, or 57% more. It is in France that this difference is the strongest.


The study analyzed 280,000 job offers, 5,000 companies were interviewed as well as 45,000 job seekers.

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